Your Blog And Website Was Rejected By Google AdSense Why ?

Your Blog And Website Was Rejected By Google AdSense Why ?

Your Blog And Website Was Rejected By Google AdSense Why ?

Hello there! I’m here to help you today by explaining the reasons why AdSense has rejected your website or blog.
Here is a list on the most frequent excuses given by Google AdSense for disapproving blogs and websites.

NO1 Due to copyright issues:

Your blog or website can get into difficulty if you use somebody else’s content without their consent.

According to Google AdSense standards, if you utilise somebody else’s content on your website without giving them credit and make money off of it, you will be disqualified from the programme.

This may occur if the original creator has not granted consent for its work to be utilised on a website, or, worse yet, if they do not want it there.

As a result of copyright violations, Google AdSense may decide to close your account if this occurs.

When this occurs, it’s crucial to get in touch with the webmaster right away so they can address any issues with their website before they grow out of hand andhurt a lot of domains and websites that are owned by different people!

NO2 Because of your specialty:

The most frequent cause for Google AdSense to reject your blog or website is that the topic is too broad.

This occurs when you attempt to approach too many phrases and keywords which makes it tough for consumers looking to specific information regarding your niche issue.

Make absolutely sure that all your keywords have connected (at least partly) to one another if you want your AdSense ads to be successful; otherwise, they won’t appear simultaneously in search results from Google.

There is no possibility that anyone will clicking through if an users search for “best keywords” and doesn’t find anything pertinent to their search on this page.

No3 Your website does not support mobile devices.

Your website won’t be accepted for AdSense if it isn’t responsive to mobile devices.

A website that is mobile-friendly is one that has been optimised for the tiny screens found on smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, this is a fantastic approach to raise your probability of being accepted for AdSense given that Google has been working to improve usage of their services through mobile devices.

How does this affect you, then?

In other words, if your website looks horrendous on a tiny screen, such as a smartphone, then you might have trouble keeping visitors interested long enough to turn them in to the paying users or even just frequent visitors who drop by every so often, discouraging them from returning later if they’ve time or money available again.

No4 since you have  no contents

Content is the most crucial component of a website. Your site’s content is what distinguishes it from other websites and draws visitors, so Google AdSense won’t approve your application if your site is empty of content.

The following advice can be helpful if Google AdSense has denied your application because they were unable to locate any webpages or articles on your blog and website:

Make sure you are aware of the kind of material that are most effective for SEO (search engine optimization) and for luring clients to make an online purchase on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Etsy, etc.

This entails building high-quality backlinks to the same resources, which calls for stuffing sentences with keywords, sentences with sentences containing keywords, and so on.

More information about how I accomplished this is available.

No5 Google has not indexed your website

It may be for one of the following reasons that Google has not indexed your website:

For its content or design, our website has just been rejected.

The most typical explanation for this is that search engines including Google, Yahoo!,Bing and other search engines have a hard time crawling and indexing your website, so they are unable to find enough useful content on the web pages of your blog or website.

Additionally, it indicates that no pertinent links were also pointing at these pages, making it difficult to find them when someone performs a search on Google for a related topic (for instance).

how-to-install-blogger-plugin. In such circumstances, if you did anything incorrectly, do get in touch with us so that we can ensure that everything proceeds as planned moving forward.

There may be issues with how huge the text appears when read under multiple browsers/devices/etc.

if you can use a certain typeface, such as Times New Roman, that is not supported by every search engines but is nonetheless extensively used across many platforms, such as Facebook.

No6 Your website is being upgraded.

AdSense won’t approve your website if it’s still a work in progress or if it’s still being built.

While the website is being built, you can continue to use AdSense, but after it is up and running, you will need to update your website with an accepted status in order to continue using AdSense.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at [gmail protected] if you have any concerns about whether your website complies with Google’s regulations about the “under construction” status.

NO7 Invalid impressions & clicks

The primary cause of your AdSense account being suspended is fraudulent clicks and impressions.

Bots, spyware, & other malicious software which also tries to click on adverts when it shouldn’t have are to blame for these kinds of mistakes.

This is probably what happened if you receive a mail from Google stating that 1 or several of your advertisements were rejected due to being clicked by such an automated robot (also referred as a “ad fraudster”).

Google has just been cracking down with these types of breaches recently; if you’re detected regularly employing these strategies to earn money from AdSense websites without Google’s (or another partner’s) consent, there’s a significant risk that your site might be completely banned.

NO8 Make sure your website or blog doesn’t have these issues in order for AdSense to be approved.

Your website or blog is under construction.This could be a problem if you’re still building out your website.

Prior to submitting an application with AdWords ads, make sure that almost all of your content is prepared and current.

NO9 You have a mobile-friendly blog or website.

In order to track how so many people are visiting each site from multiple platforms, such as desktop vs.

smartphone, Google uses cookies through its algorithm.

Because Google assumes customers simply don’t trust this type of innovation when looking for something similar about what they’re looking for, like car insurance, it will appear lower on search engine results pages if your page has any design flaws.

Additionally, making sure that every webpage is of the same quality on all platforms!

Do you still need assistance obtaining AdSense approval? Contact us if you’ve got any questions! You want to make absolutely sure if your blog and website is approved because we are here just for you.

                                                        Thanx for reading!

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