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Amazon is guided by 4 concepts: customer fascination so instead of competitor focus, a love of invention, a dedication to operational excellence, & long-term thinking.

Amazon envisions to become the most customer-focused firm on the planet, as well as the best employer and safest work environment on the planet.

Amazon pioneered many things, including customer feedback, 1-Click shopping, personalised recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment through Amazon, AWS, Kindle Publishing, Kindle, Professional Career, Amazon ’s fire, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Merely Walk Out advanced technologies, Amazon Studios, or The Climate Pledge.

Leadership Principles

We hold ourselves and one another accountable to demonstrating the Leadership Theories in our daily actions.

Our Leadership Principles guide how Amazon conducts business, why leaders lead, or how users keep the customer at the forefront of our decisions.

Our distinct Amazon culture, as explained by our Leadership Theories, enables us to relentlessly pursue with us mission of being the most customer-centric company on the planet, as well as the best employer and safest place to work.

Obsession with the Customer

Leaders begin with the customer or work their way back. They work hard to gain and keep the trust of their customers.

Leaders are concerned with competitors, but they are obsessed with customers.


Leaders are proprietors.

They consider the long term and do not sacrifice long-term worth for short-term gains.

They symbolize the whole organisation, not just their team.

They never tell me it’s not my job.

Invent & Simplify

Leaders expect and demand innovation & invention from their teams, and they are constantly looking for ways to simplify.

They are from outside aware, seek fresh concepts from everywhere, & are not constrained by the phrase “not invented here.

” We accept that when we try new things, we could be misunderstood for a long time.

A Lot Are Right

Leaders are frequently correct.

They have good instincts and sound judgement.

They seek out different points of view and work to disprove their beliefs.

Explore & Be Curious

Leaders are constantly learning and attempting to improve themselves.

They are piqued by new possibilities & they go out of their way to investigate them.

Hire & develop its best

Leaders raise the bar with each new hire and promotion.

They recognise and promote exceptional talent throughout the organisation.

Leaders develop leaders or take their responsibility in coaching others seriously.

We work on representative of our individuals to develop development mechanisms such as Career Choice.

Demand the Maximum Standards

Many people may believe that leaders have unreasonable standards.

Leaders are constantly pushing their teams to produce high-quality products, services, or processes.

Leaders ensure that no defects are passed down the chain and that issues are resolved so that they remain resolved.

Think Big

Thinking small becomes self-fulfilling.

Leaders chart or communicate a bold course that inspires action.

They think outside the box and look for new ways to deal with customers.

Action Preference

In business, speed is essential.

Many decisions or actions are reversible & do not necessitate a thorough investigation.

We put a premium on taking calculated risks.


Get more done with less.

Constraints foster resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and creativity.

There are no bonus points for increasing headcount, budget size, and fixed costs.

Gaining Trust

Leaders pay close attention, speak openly, and treat others with dignity.

They are openly critical of themselves, even if doing so is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Leaders don’t really believe their and their team’s body odour smells like perfume.

They measure themselves & their teams against by the best.

Dive Deep

Leaders operate at all levels, are attentive to details, conduct frequent audits, and are sceptical when metrics and anecdotes differ.

Nothing is too difficult for them.

Have skill; disagree & commit

Leaders must challenge decisions in a respectful manner when they take issue, even if it is uncomfortable and exhausting.

Leaders are self-assured and tenacious. They do not make concessions in the name of social cohesion.

They fully commit once a decision has been made.

Deliver Result

Leaders focus on a critical input information to their business or ensure they are delivered on time and with high quality.

Despite obstacles, they face the challenge and never give up.

Make an effort to be the employer of choice on the planet.

Every day, leaders work to make their workplaces safer, extra productive, higher performing, diverse, and just. They lead to empathy, enjoy themselves at work, & make it very easy for other people to enjoy themselves.

Leaders ask themselves, “Are my coworkers growing?”

Are they in control?

Are they prepared for what comes next?

Leaders, whether at Amazon or elsewhere, have a vision for and a commitment to their employees’ personal success.

Scale and success come with a lot of responsibility

We started inside a garage, but we’re no longer there.

We are large, we have an impact on the world, & we are by no means flawless.

We must be selfless and considerate of the consequences of our actions.

Every day, our local communities, the planet, and children’s future rely on us to be better.

Every day, we must resolve to make nicer, do best, and be superior for our clients, employees, partner organizations, and the world as a whole.

And we must finish each day knowing that we could do more the next day.

Leaders produce more than they eat but always leave things in better condition than they found them.

Our Positions

This page was created to share our perspectives on various issues with customers, investors, lawmakers, employees, & so many others.

While our stances are well thought out and strongly rooted, there is plenty of room for reasonable debate and differing viewpoints.

We hope that being explicit about our leadership roles is beneficial.

The federal minimum salary in the United States is far too low and ought to be increased.

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